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Cool, someone tagged me in a photo meme! The rules are that you go to your own Flickr site, browse to the 6th page and write something about the 6th photo on that page.

Here are the previous posts that led to this one; I was tagged by BradP, man of mystery and social media magician:

      The Zombies Are Sad Today (bw)

      The Zombies Are Sad Today (bw)

      My 6th page 6th picture is called “The Zombies Are Sad Today” and shows a crawlspace in an abandoned coal processing plant in France. If I remember correctly, I had to climb up some pillars to take this shot, which was situated between the end processing hall and the trainyard underneath it (the coal could be filled directly into the train wagons).

      Overall, this place represents one of my favorite urban exploration trips – an amazing, cathedral-like structure, which reminds me of Robert Pinsky’s poem “The Refinery”.  Also, we had a great crew, about 6 people from Switzerland and Germany, who shared an military bus without heating. In freezing November.

      The rules of the meme state that you have to tag a 6 other people who carry on the torch! I’m tagging the following people:

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      1. Brad P. from NJ

        Nice. It’s always fun to hear the stories behind your photos. I can’t wait to see the shots from the next big project you have in the works… I hope all the i’s get dotted and the t’s get crossed.


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