Chernobyl Journal: Epilogue

After three months of intense publishing, the Chernobyl Journal is now finished. In order to make it easier to read and find, I have collected all material around the trip on a special page. You will also find separate pages for pictures, videos and sounds alone.

Thank you!

My great thanks goes out to my fellow zone travellers, Beat, RenĂ© and Laura, for pulling this project through – I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks to the Chernobyl InterInform team – especially Yuriy – for the amazing tour and the freedom we had to explore the zone. Thanks to Robert for borrowing me a Geiger counter to keep us safe. Thanks to the organizers of the Pecha-Kucha Basel Night for allowing me to show my pictures. Thanks to all of you who commented, shared, corrected mistakes, translated Russian, and spread the word. And a big, big thanks to my wife, my favorite art critic, who had to bear me geeking out on Cherno-stuff week after week and still supported me and kept me sane. You’re all amazing – THANK YOU!

So, what’s next?

For now, my plan is to enjoy the summer, and concentrate on some more sound recordings (I’ve got a new microphone, which I really want to try out) . There are at least two short movies from previous locations in the making (a brewery and a potassium mine). My backlog of pictures from the last three years is still huge, so expect more decay photographs. I also might take a dip into abstract photography, because I’ve become increasingly fascinated with it.

As for my plans for the Chernobyl material, I am planning to organize an exhibition within a couple of months, and am playing with the idea of publishing part of the journal as a book. Stay tuned.

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  1. rene

    Sure looking forward to that exhibition, hope we’ll have time to come over. And thanks back to you – after all, it was you who initiated the trip, contacting me about the idea of going there in the first place. I would probably not have bothered to visit again otherwise. New rainbows to come!

  2. Keith Brooks

    This was a very good insight into a subject and place a lot of people forgot, maybe purposefully. Good read and loved the photography, I don’t think I missed a word or picture.

    Thanks for sharing your work with the rest of the world.


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