Testing: Abstract

One of my favorite artists is @davespertine, a London photographer I know from DeviantArt. Dave’s photography is abstract to various degrees, and he strictly refrains from explaining what his work is based on – it’s there for enjoyment and interpretation, not understanding.

Having seen and commented so much of Dave’s work, I decided to dip my feet into abstract waters. I’d love to hear what you have to say about my first pictures.

Bright Axis

Unchartered Territory

more (12 pics): Flickr set | Flickr slideshow

Industry of SomeoneEight-Armed BiscuitBright AxisA Conundrum NonethelessTouching AnemoneHannibal Laughs
I gave up smoking long agoProgress in the JungleHappiness on a StickPorte-ManteauUnchartered TerritorySomeone Looking Out For You

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  1. Jon

    That first picture with the red lines on it is really good. Great composition. Faved at Flickr as well.

    • Timm

      thank you! the original just screamed geometry.

  2. Janet Ramp

    just stumbled across this after reading an article about photography and urban exploration. i also live in basel. was thinking that there was nowhere around here that would be potential sites. but after seeing your photos, i do have a few ideas . .

    love the abstracts AND the polyptychs. i do a lot with architecture and geometrical shapes. unfortunately, i don’t have the patience to “work” them afterwards to get the fantastic compositions you have achieved.

    but fantastic work.

    do exhibit anywhere in the basel area?

    again, seriously impressed. love your images.


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