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  1. Zita (H)

    Yeah, that’s right! 🙂 I’m a fan of your work since then, keep up the nice work! What’s your next destination? Ever coming to Hungary? It worth a visit, even in this point of view, haha!

    • Timm

      @Zita: Thanks! I have a huge backlog of photos, which I can draw from at the moment. There might be something big at the horizon, but nothing is fixed yet. Hungary – I’ve never thought about it! Do you have lots of abandoned places? Will you be chased by big bad dogs if you enter them?

  2. Kornel (cnpp.blog.hu)

    Hi Timm,
    To your last comment (April 16, 2010) I’d like to answer instead of Zita because I’ve noticed that you didn’t get reply :).
    About 10-15 years ago there was a lot of abondened places in Hungary mainly old abondened soviet apartment blocks and factorys. These apartment bloks was similar to the apartment blocks in Pripyat ( as you can see in the links below).
    The soviets left the country in 1990 and the apartment blocks was unused until 2000-2003. Then the goverment renewed these most of the buildings and they make residential districts from them.
    I collected some photo gallery links for you about that buildings which are still abondened.

    1.: These pictures was made in my hometown: Debrecen. In that place ( next to the airport) there was about 20-25 piece of abondened apartment blocks. Today there is only 2 or 3.


    2. This gallery was made in Sarmellek next to the airport. This place is an abondened soviet apartment blocks too.


    3. A soviet army housing estate again in Szentkiralyszabadja…


    If you would come to Hungary one day please alert me 🙂

    Best to you,


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