Orange Agent: Visit to an Abandoned Psychiatric Asylum

Lounge the Night Away (2)

A couple of years ago, some friends and I took trip through the abandoned world of Northern Italy. We visited factories, refineries, governmental institutions and even a village discotheque. One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to an abandoned psychiatric hospital, closed down in the 1980s. A huge place, surrounded by 5 meter high walls. The only way in: The front door. Which, to our surprise, was open.

Welcome Committee

In between the over a dozen buildings, beautiful but gloomy overgrown streets and alleys. What was once a garden is now a forest.

We enter an administrative building. We wonder: Was it a kitchen? What are those rusty wheels? And why are there decaying bundles of patient files lying around?

A Sequence a Field

White rooms invite us, while dark corridors warn us that this is not a friendly place.

Matte Finish

Office Supplies  Half-Hearted Guess

The patient rooms are tiny and claustrophobic. The radiators are encased to prevent suicide attempts.
Hover Bed Protection

Through a back door we find a dusty backyard, enclosed like a green house.

Wonder Wonder World

We enter another building, push a curtain aside, and are amazed…


Inside awaits us a beautiful theater stage. Its balcony is crumbling. A very unexpected, almost bizarre combination of sights indeed.


Sold Out Long

Through the jungle again, we glimpse at hidden treasure…


Inside, a huge pile of rotting X-ray photographs. Thousands of them.

Simple Minded Multitude

After a couple of hours, we have enough and go back the way we came.

And realize the door we came through was locked.

Everything after that is a blur. I do not remember how we got out. And the following image was the last picture on my camera from that day.

He Came Along

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