Hi, I’m Timm Suess. I was born and grew up in Basel, Switzerland, and shot my first photo at the age of five (on my first kindergarten day). I’ve been a passionate photographer since the mid 1990s. After 2002, I started to specialize in urban decay photography. I’m best known for my Chernobyl Journal.

My photo tours have taken me to abandoned factories, clinics, hotels and ghost towns in Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Malta, the continental US, Hawaii and the Ukraine. My work has been shown in exhibitions, public slide shows, magazines, film trailers, books, CDs covers as well as commissioned work and stock photography. I also occasionally record video and soundscapes on my tours.

Most of my work revolves around and the slow battle between human structures and nature’s decay processes. I’m fascinated by the effects of time, which is why I like time-lapse movies and created the open source interavalometer Intervaluino. My pictures show internal spaces, external structures, crumbling walls, industrial details and abstract compositions. They are memento mori of forgotten places, through which I try to demonstrate that the absence of human life changes a location fundamentally. All of my photographs are available light shots, with occasional experimentation in HDR. Almost all of them are Creative Commons-licensed.


  • Camera: Canon EOS 400D
  • Lenses: Sigma 10-20 f 1:4-5.6 / Canon EFS 17-55 f 1:2.8 / Canon EF 50 f 1:1.8
  • Video: Panasonic SDR H250 + wide angle
  • Sound: Zoom H4 / Rode NT4

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  1. Irma Fritz

    Guten Tag Timm,
    I love your photographs. They make very powerful statements, especially the Chernobyl ones.
    I found this:

    on Wikipediacommons . Its use is listed as public domain, and I want to be certain that this is correct information. I’m an author and would like to use Grand Piano 7 as cover art for a new short story, called Piano Lessons, to be published on amazon.com. This would be available in all countries where Amazon has a presence, including Switzerland. I would certainly give you proper attribution as the creator of the photo
    Bitte sage ja und schreibe mir zurueck!

    Irma Fritz

  2. Irma Fritz

    Here ist meine deutsche Amazon Seite!

  3. Leandro

    Muy buenas fotos Timm!, sobre todo las relacionadas con Chernobyl and Green Cathedral.

    Cheers from Argentina!


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