Time-lapse photography has long been a fascinating of mine, because it gives a tangible quality to the process of decay. The human mind is only poorly capable of imagining long stretches of time, and time-lapse photography lets one see the beauty of slow deconstruction.

Complete Timelapse Playlist on YouTube


Poppy Timelapse

Garbage Day

Mediterranean Timelapse

Intervaluino Test Video

This video shows 4 hours of clouds at dusk, compressed to 45 seconds; it was taken with the Intervaluino on my Canon EOS 400D (manual focus, manual exposure/f-stop settings):

I’m quite happy with the result; there are some slight light-dark flickers which I don’t like, but those are probably caused by glare from the sun shining onto the side of the lens. By now I’m convinced that a prerequisite to getting good results using an SLR is to turn off autofocus and set your exposure values and f-stops manually – you can’t trust your camera to keep the values smooth.

Death of a Strawberry

Timelapse Pizza

Busy City

Time-lapse Garden

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